Housing Giants Leadership Conference

Day 1
Wednesday, October 24


Opening Remarks


NHQ Award Winners: Lessons Learned

This year's National Housing Quality Award winners discuss what they learned during the process of being vetted for the award—what is extraordinary about their companies and what they can do to make them even better.


True Homes: Dan Horner, Founding Partner
JayMarc Homes: Marc "Captain Vision" Rousso, Co-founder and CEO
Garman Builders: TBD
Thrive Home Builders: Gene Myers, Founder and CEO



Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Day 2
THursday, October 25


Networking Breakfast


Welcome and Introduction to the Conference

Keynote: Dave Pedigo

Top Technology Trends: What Builders Must Know

Consumer expectations for technology are ever increasing, as is the rate of both innovation and adoption. As technology continues its exponential expansion into the home, builders, design professionals, and manufacturers must keep up-to-date with changing technology. This session will explore residential technology trends, their value to homeowners, and how to incorporate them into current and future projects.

Dan Swift, AIA, President and CEO, BSB Design

Driving Housing Design Performance Through Innovation

Builders are under constant pressure to maximize product performance, affordability, and profitability. At the same time, every new home offers a chance to incorporate the latest features and trends. You can use what's always worked and hope for the same success, or you can separate yourself from the pack by embracing an innovation mindset during product design. Established processes are comfortable, and change is never easy. But an innovation mindset that informs your product design process can help you build more profitably and win more buyers today and in the future.


Networking Break

Sidney Pell, Manager of Consumer & Product Insights, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Consumer Trends & Why They Matter Now More Than Ever

Consumer & Product Insights Manager Sidney Pell will share insights into understanding today's consumer, and how this "focus-forward" approach can be used for strategic decisions. The key to understanding consumers and how to leverage their preferences can help positively impact your organization through awareness and innovative design. She will also discuss design trends, both inside and outside the home, and the upcoming shifts we can anticipate from consumers.


Meet our Sponsors

Brian Murray, Director of National Sales, Unilock

Brian Murray, Director of National Sales has over 15 years of experience at Unilock developing residential and commercial sales strategies in new regions that will enable market penetration. Extensive experience in sales, marketing and manufacturing in the building industry, Brian has a proven history of solution-based sales that meet and exceed the needs of his clients.



Mark LaLiberte, Co-Founder and President, Construction Instruction

It's well known in the industry that California has launched the Zero Net Energy action plan for all new homes to be net-zero energy by 2020.  The balance of the US will try to reach Net Zero by 2030. Have you started preparing to meet this mandate? Join Mark LaLiberte, President and CoFounder of Construction Instruction as he peels back the layers of Zero Energy building and breaks down the building fundamentals required to meet this mandate. You will be surprised how close you might be.

Jane Meagher, President, Success Strategies

Irrefutable Rules of Retailing

This eye-opening, paradigm-shifting program reveals how builders can think like retailers by exploring and deploying what leading retailers are doing in response to how today's consumer wants to live, shop, and buy. Jane outlines the Irrefutable Rules of Retailing, which have far-reaching impact for many areas of your home building business, both within the design studio and throughout the entire customer journey. Maximize per-home revenue and deliver a world-class customer experience by learning how leading brands connect with their customers, how to create a truly immersive experience, why offering too much can be counter-productive, and how to prompt your buyers to make quicker and easier purchase decisions. You'll leave with eyes wide open, with clarity on how to compete in today's world.



Michael Dickens, Partner and CMO, IBACOS
Ari Rapport, Strategic Relationship Manager, IBACOS

Looking at Quality as an Investment Rather than a Cost of Doing Business

Quality is not easily defined or quantified—until you hold back $22K per home to pay for anticipated future failures. It makes more sense to invest proactively in doing things right the first time than it does in bleeding away already-tight margins. This session "flips the script," identifying opportunities that come from investing dollars in better building and management practices. Presenters will quantify opportunities for savings, and the audience will hear from builders who have established a culture of quality within their organizations. By investing in quality, you can keep real money in your pocket. Money that you can plow back into your business, hire and keep the best people, grow your operations, or have on-hand to weather whatever storms may come your way.


Breakout Discussions


Tequila and Tapas Happy Hour


NHQ Reception/Awards Dinner