Wednesday, October 18

3 pm

Welcome & Opening Remarks

3:15 pm

John Burns, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Real estate analyst John Burns will offer a national housing market overview and share his outlook for the future, including findings from his groundbreaking book Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Executives. Thanks to his work, the industry is redefining customer segments by decade born and stage of life, resulting in new product designs that more accurately serve the buyer. He will also explain how the four major external influencers (the government, the economy, new technologies, and societal shifts) continue to transform demand.


4:15 pm

Housing Giants Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities for the Coming Year

Moderated Panel with Professional Builder's Builders of the Year

Ladd Fargo, Executive Vice President, David Weekley Homes
Bob Flaherty, Division President, Toll Brothers
Bob Goodall, President, Goodall Homes
Eric Lipar, CEO, LGI Homes

5:30 pm

Reception/Awards Dinner


Thursday, October 19

7:00 am


8:00 am

Welcome and Introduction to the Conference

8:15 am

Keynote: Andrew Weinreich, Founder, Andrew's Roadmaps

In the United States, the percentage of factory-built homes is dramatically lower than in other advanced economies around the world. More interesting still are the types of modular homes that are now being constructed in the U.S. Gone are the days when modular or prefab meant low end and low quality. Some of the multimillion dollar homes found in exclusive communities such as the Hamptons are fabricated entirely as modules within factories in Pennsylvania. In this presentation, Andrew will share what he's learned from interviews with entrepreneurs and experts in this space with the fresh perspective of a technology pioneer, including examples of past industries that have been massively changed by technological innovations, the role of factories in constructing homes around the world, how technology giants like Google and Y Combinator are approaching home building, and the outcomes we can expect in the construction industry's future. Andrew will also focus on actionable insights on how to approach this new construction landscape.

9:30 am

Jimmy Diffee, Co-founder, The Bokka Group

Why the Customer Experience Matters Now More Than Ever for Builders

There's nothing new about the concept of delivering great customer experiences, but the term itself has achieved buzzword status over the past few years, and with companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple embracing it to dominate entire industries, corporations worldwide are taking notice. So what exactly does everyone mean when they talk about the customer experience, and why should home builders be taking notice now?


10:45 am

Beck Besecker, Co-founder & CEO, Marxent

Innovating Fearlessly and the Homebuying Process of the Future - Case Study
It's one thing to have an innovative idea, it's another thing to get cross-functional buy-in and take that idea to market. Beck Besecker, CEO and co-founder of Marxent, has built his career on his ability to implement disruptive technologies within traditional businesses. He will take you through his proven process for innovating with emerging technologies and will reveal how one major home builder has been able to unleash the potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to create both model homes and a design center of the future - transforming a big idea into an effective business strategy.

11:45 am

Partner Presentations

12:15 pm


1:30 pm

Nick Lehnert, Executive Director, KTGY GROUP - ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING

A follow-up to last year's well-received Attainability session, Nick Lehnert is back to share the new ideas he's working on—and what he learned from last year's Housing Giants conference. Attainability speaks to a wide range of buyers, from Boomers in search of homes they can age into, to families seeking a home they can grow into. Lehnert will offer concepts for workhorse lots and universal pods. He'll share designs for new configurations that are within reach of middle-class buyers, and he'll offer how-tos on delivering features that speak to five top buyer desires: personalization, smaller homes, larger garages, private outdoor space, and multigenerational living.

2:30 pm

Steve James, Co-founder & Director of Community Design, DTJ DESIGN, INC.

The urban aesthetic and lifestyle has much appeal for homebuyers, from Millennials to Boomers. People are seeking a more connected and culturally creative life, and the typical, traditional suburb feels sleepy.This program is relevant for the discretionary market ahead and explores ways to bring urban touches to suburban development. It discusses how to provide a distinctive community/neighborhood with innovation in housing products and amenities that satisfy the expectations of a growing population. It also addresses a variety of market opportunities, ranging from infill, near commercial to fringe enclaves, edging to nature - for elevated success in the marketplace.

3:30 pm

Tim Sullivan, Practice Leader, Meyers Research

4:30 pm

NHQ Award Winners: Lessons Learned
This year's National Housing Quality Award winners discuss what they learned during the process of being vetted for the award—what is extraordinary about their companies and what they can do to make them even better.